Director’s Statement

As a third generation journalist, ambulance I care deeply about the future of the profession. Getting people thinking and talking about the challenges facing journalism, no rx while reinforcing the notion that reliable and accurate journalism is essential to a functioning democracy, is why I’m doing this work. My hope is to draw people in with a gripping and entertaining account of this fascinating story, and then keep them engaged long enough to explore these issues in a deeper way.

As more and more people consume their news online, news publications seem to be shifting en masse to an online only format.  With this shift, plagiarizing has become as simple as a quick cut and paste, making the ethical boundary seem easier to cross.  With a new plagiarism scandal breaking nearly every week, the lessons learned in the aftermath of the Blair Affair are more relevant than ever.

A FRAGILE TRUST takes a deeper look into the mind of Jayson Blair, the serial plagiarist, and explores what caused this promising young man to make so many bad decisions, while also examining the institutional dynamics inside the Times that may have contributed to Blair’s downfall.