The Characters

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Jayson Blair

The promising young journalist who made some really bad decisions thereby inciting the worst plagiarism scandal ever seen at the world’s most important newspaper – The New York Times. Blair’s exclusive interview for A FRAGILE TRUST represents the first time he has spoken out about his actions at the Times since the weeks immediately following the scandal in 2003.


Macarena Hernandez

The inspiring young heroine who embodies the ideals of journalism with her work ethic, this web
eloquent writing, ampoule and empathic relationship to her subjects. Hernandez, like Blair, also got her start at The New York Times and is surprised when Blair unexpectedly turns up in her life under the worst possible conditions many years after they first met.


Howell Raines

The former executive editor of The New York Times who lost his job as a result of ‘The Blair Affair’. With nearly a decade to reflect on his role in the scandal, Raines is both thoughtful and forthcoming about the part he played and how he might have done things differently if he were given another chance.


Seth Mnookin

Journalist and author of Hard News: Twenty-one brutal months at the New York Times and How They Changed the American Media. As a media reporter at Newsweek, Mnookin was involved in reporting the Jayson Blair scandal from the very beginning, publishing the exclusive Newsweek interview with Blair just a few weeks after the scandal broke.


Howard Kurtz

Media reporter for the Washington Post and host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, Kurtz is credited with being the first journalist to blow the top off break the news of the unfolding Blair scandal.


Lena Williams

Seasoned New York Times journalist and newspaper guild representative who was with Jayson Blair when the entire scandal came crashing down around him.


William Schmidt

Associate Managing Editor at the New York Times who was responsible for personnel issues and disciplinary actions during Blair’s years at the paper.